Exploring English is a method for learning, doing and experiencing English. The material is for children aged from 4 to 12 years. Children want to learn and can learn themselves: that is the vision underlying the development of the method. With the right supervision and a prepared inspiring environment, they can discover English, learn to understand and to express themselves in English. Children investigate how using the English language can expand their opportunities and their world.

‘Free the child’s potential and you will transform him into the world.’

Maria Montessori

What does Exploring English look like?

Exploring English comes in a wooden chest with five drawers containing tasks that allow the children to get going independently. The drawers contain wooden boxes with plastic lids, and a box with plastic cards that show the exercise for the child. The junior school materials come in a special frame which can be placed in every chest.

There is a chest full of inspiration for every educational level, cards with detailed presentations and lesson suggestions for the teacher.
Exploring English works on themes: 10 themes for each educational level.


Each theme has 15 explorations; these are the boxes and cards the children use to expand their world in English, by reading, writing, speaking and listening.


There are three word boxes which match each theme. The word boxes form the basis; children use them to expand their vocabulary.

Picture boxes

The picture boxes supplement the word boxes. In junior school the images also have a sound fragment.


Groundwork is the basis a child needs to learn the English language, to appreciate and practise it.


Explanations are part of the groundwork: tasks with word types and sentences. Children discover the patterns of the English language.


The inspirations are part of the line of the teacher. They set out the learning content and offer inspiration. They can be used in small and larger groups.

About us

AVE.IK is a school advisory service, established by Esther Pelgrom and Jacqueline Hendriksen in 2006. Fifteen colleagues work together with us on effective education, from coach to author, from school supervisor to interim manager.

We are confident that children want to learn and can learn. Having trust in other people is a great and powerful basis for relationships and upbringing and education. So we also have trust in you.

Besides providing guidance, we also develop products. Exploring English is one of our products. Exploring English was developed and written by Wyneke de Vries, Suzanne Breeman, Marja Pelser, Michiel van der Veldt, Jacqueline Hendriksen and Esther Pelgrom.